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версия для слабовидящих
Throughout more than 20 years of experience teaching to kids and adults I realized that in order to facilitate learning it is crucial to create a pleasant and interesting environment during lessons. Because of that there’s always lots of singing, role-playing, storytelling, debates and brainstorming. Respect and kindness are very precious to me and I always try and have that reflect on the way I relate to my students and on the way they relate to each other. Earning their trust and then watch them experiment with words, commands, sentence structures and verbs freely and joyfully is extremely rewarding!


Английский язык
— Unip – Paulista University, translator & interpreter English / Portuguese
— CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

— Педагогический стаж с 1997 года
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Дополнительное образование
— International Congress for Personal Development of Teachers, Buenos Aires, Argentina
— International Legal English Certificate
— Legal English Specialization - PUC University-SP
— Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English
— Learning Style x Multiple Intelligence
— IH – Very Young Learners Seminars